Superoxide Dismutase to fight oxidative Stress

The Dual Nature of Oxygen

Cells in the body need Oxygen in combination with other nutrients to help create the energy that makes possible different biochemical processes. Without Oxygen life couldn’t exist. However when the body is in the process of generating energy by “burning” nutrients, it produces “rough” molecules as a by-product that are known as Free radicals. These free radical molecules are reactive and unstable oxygen species, which can play a positive role in the body when they are not present in high numbers. oxidative-stress

When the number of these rough molecules in the body climbs, they may interfere and cause problems with anything they come in contact with, such as DNA, lipids and proteins. At this state these “pro-oxidant” molecules are toxic for the body.
The most recognized theory of disease and aging states that the accumulation of these “pro-oxidant” molecules or free radicals harms the body and is responsible for the many changes that causes disease. Some of these terminal diseases that originate form free radicals include, Cancer, Alzheimer, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Another visible damage that oxygen causes in the skin is the destruction of collagen structure. Collagen is responsible for skin elasticity; the destruction of collagen by free radicals is what causes wrinkles and skin sagging. Studies have noted that SOD connects directly with collagen, and protects it from oxidation. Reports published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, also noted that SOD protects type I collagen and skin fragmentation caused by oxidative stress.

Superoxide Dismutase powerful antioxidant

SuperOxide Dismutase, is practically the most important antioxidant the body produces, as it helps the body get rid of the most dangerous free radicals, which are reactive superoxide radicals. Superoxide radicals are negatively charged atoms that are produce when Oxygen gains an extra electron. This happens with abnormal metabolic process, like the catalytic transformation of molecules by enzymes.

Research on the impact of superoxide dismutase in the body, considers the molecule important in anti-aging treatments, since the levels of SOD decreases and free radicals increases as we age.

Oxidative stress is caused by an imbalance between the body’s ability to repair the damage at a cellular level and the production of free radicals caused by oxygen. Oxidative stress has a direct impact and damages cell components including DNA, lipids, and proteins.

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